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If your jewelry is in need of repair we can consider repairing the item for your. This depends on the time of material and piece damaged. We recommend that you send us an email with a photo of the damaged piece before sending any product to us for repair.  

If we detemine that a repair can be considered please complete the following "repair" instructions so we can properly handle your request. 


This form must accompany your returned item.


Timeline:  Two to three weeks once authorized to complete the repair.


We encourage you to consider insuring your item when shipping.  We cannot be responsible for damage or loss caused during shipping.  Please package your damaged items carefully to protect against damage during shipping.


Please do not return your items in a padded envelope.


We will contact you once your damaged item has been received and inspected.  At that time we will provide you with a repair cost and repair timeline.  


Required Customer Information


Customer Name:____________


Today’s Date: ____________


Purchase Date:  ________________


Original order number:  ___________


Primary Phone:  ________________


Secondary Phone:  ______________


Fax:  _________________________


Email address:  _________________


Please provide explanation of the damage to your item and any repair expectations.    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Ship to address:  2436 South I35E, Suite 376, #171- Denton, Texas 76205



Repair Form

Phone:  417-209-7324

Fax:  214-853-5215



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