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Our fringe, NEW ties fringe,  feather reins and fringe sleeves are custom order. We have a few in stock on occasion. For the feather, ties or fringe reins we need to know the length you want the reins, clip to clip measurement including clips. They usually take a couple of days to ship. Email us or contact us through this site, with your color preference and length (fringe or feather reins). Feather reins have a color chart to choose from, and a size chart for feather size. The small feathers can have 7 or 13 feathers on each side. The medium or large have 7 feathers on each side. Email The ties fringe is our best seller, easy to mix colors, repair or change out ties. 
**We occasionally have sales on our instock items, they are posted on our Facebook and Instagram, so go follow us!!


'Ties' fringe reins (best seller)

Feather Reins

Fringe Sleeves

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